Thanks to its 250 mm x 60 mm transverse section, it can achieve a depth of 10,000 mm column-free.
The System has characteristics of a folding sunroof covering material, 780gr/m² weighted-PVC based, and three layered black out (light-proof).
Each module is moved by a wheel.
Electrostatic paint (powder paint) can be applied in every desired color.
The front gutter is not inside, but outside. This way, it will not allow flooding.
This system does not take on water in case of a leakage, as the awning serves not over but under the beams, and has the function of drainage through gutters located under the beams.
One of the major features of the system is that it does not require an extra profile when it’s desired to cover around after the system has been installed.
It has PVC-water proof and flame retardant characteristic (CL2-UNI EN 13773).


ROOF COVER 780gr/m² weighted-PVC based, three layers black out fabric
ENVIRONMENTAL CLOSURE Movable window system, Aluminum joinery
WIDTH 13,500 mm. in mono system, unlimited in sequential system
LENGTH Column-free 10,000 mm in pent roofs, unlimited in sequential system
MANNER OF RUNNING Remote control

folding awning