Through the application we make, our product designed for Restaurants, Cafes and residences brings into the forefront the feature of opening the roof in a desired ratio by using a remote control. Special designed aluminum profiles and auxiliary profiles used for the roof succeed in not allowing the system to take on water and also letting it drain.
In the system the roof cover is designed as transparent. It offers a solution for the businesses that suffer from not having a smoking area in the specific location.


MAIN CARRIER Steel Construction + Aluminum Profile
ROOF COVER (5+5) Laminated Glass or (4+4) Laminated + 10 + 6 mm Tempered Glass
ENVIRONMENTAL CLOSURE Movable Window System, Aluminum joinery
WIDTH 10,000 mm in pent roofs, unlimited in sequential system
LENGTH 9,500 mm in mono system, unlimited in sequential system
MANNER OF RUNNING Remote control

folding glass ceiling