The rolling roof, which can be applied in every kind of places, offers a combination of folding and gathering movements that no roofing system has ever done in the world.
Thanks to the panels that can be opened at any angle, it’s possible to utilize from a desired amount of sunlight.
Thanks to the folding motion of the panels, it does not lose the shading feature while providing ventilation by the roof.
Even when the system is opened, it allows ventilation via special designed profiles without being affected by the rain or snow.
Thanks to the folding motion of the panels, the outside cleaning of the panels can be carried out from the inside without going up to the roof.
It is possible to color it with electrostatic oven paint so that application can be made in every desired color.Thanks to electrostatic oven paint, it’s a long-lasting product.
The Rolling roof is the best solution for the restaurants and cafés where smoking is not allowed normally.


ROOF COVER Special design aluminum panel
ENVIRONMENTAL CLOSURE Movable Window Systems, Aluminum joinery
WIDTH 6,000 mm in mono system, unlimited in sequential system
LENGTH 10,000 mm in pent roofs, unlimited in sequential system
MANNER OF RUNNING Remote control

rolling roof plus